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Mar 02, 2015 by: GW At
Eldar and Chaos
The last models of the Harlequin resurgence are upon us. has the Harlequin Shadowseer plastic miniature and the Death Jester plastic miniature. Each pack costs $26.00 retail. CMO's price is $20.80.

We are expecting stocks of Codex Harlequin and Warriors of the Laughing God: Harlequin Painting Guide to arrive this week. At CMO the Codex will sell for $39.60 and the Painting Guide for $26.40.

The BIG release this week is a plastic Bloodthirster kit for Daemons of Chaos. The kit makes one of three different models. Make your choice from the Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster, the Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage and the Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury. The all plastic kit retails for $116.00 and we'll have it for sale at $92.80.

Contact us at with inquiries and price quotes or call us from noon till 10:00pm EST at 1-877-40CHAOS to place an order.
Betrayal at House on the Hill, second edition
Product ID : woca266330000
Quantity in stock: 8
Khador All-In-One Army Box
Product ID : pip33117
Quantity in stock: 9
Ascension - Year One Collector's Edition
Product ID : sbe201
Quantity in stock: 2
Fate Reforged, Fat Pack
Product ID : FR_fat_pack
Quantity in stock: 10
Infinity: Operation Icestorm
Product ID : cvb280006
Quantity in stock: 1

Recent Blog posts
Feb 20, 2015 by: GW At
More from the Webway now has the Starweaver / Voidweaver kits in stock. Our price is $32.80 compared to $41.00 for retail.

Next week will see the release of the Shadowseer character pack and the Death Jester character pack. Each pack retails for 26.00. Our preorder price is $20.80. The packs each make one model in plastic. The Shadowseer has the option of a shuriken pistol or neuro disruptor while the Death Jester comes with a choice of 2 face masks.

We are also ready to take preorders for Codex: Harlequin and Warriors of the Laughing God: Harlequins Painting Guide. The Codex is priced at $39.60 and the Painting Guide is $26.40 through Chaosmailorder. These books are expected to ship March 6th.

Contact us at with inquiries and price quotes or call us from noon till 10:00pm EST at 1-877-40CHAOS to place an order.
Feb 13, 2015 by: GW At
Skyweavers and Star Weavers The Skyweaver kits for Harlequins are now in stock at craft world Chaosmailorder. Each kit makes 2 bikes with pilot and pillion rider for $32.00.

Expected on February 20th will be the Starweaver / Voidweaver kit for $41.00 retail or $32.80 through us. The Voidweaver is built for mobile fire-support with 2 shuriken cannons and a pintle-mounted haywire cannon or prismatic cannon. The Voidweaver can further be upgraded with 3 banks of mirage launchers. The Starweaver is a fast, lightly armored transport. Armed with 2 shuriken cannons, one fixed front and the other on a pintle, 3 banks of mirage launchers, and two crew armed with your choice of star bolas, sword, or zephyrglaive, the Starweaver also carries a Harlequin Troupe into battle. The kit may build either model and includes a host of extras and options.

Due to delays with shipping, Codex: Harlequins and Warriors of the Laughing God: Harlequins Painting Guide, will not be available until March 6th. We will begin taking preorders for the books on February 27th.